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Animal House Milano is one of the few dog shops in Milan , the breeds available are practically all, both the most requested and the least widespread.

All the dogs for sale come from selected breeding, are chosen on the basis of aesthetic, character, health and genetic canons.


Sale of small , medium and large dogs

The dog remains man's companion par excellence, it is no coincidence that he is the only animal to be gratified by making man satisfied and receiving his approval. This is why we should never forget to communicate and work with your dog, increasing our understanding with him and constantly stimulating him.

Among the most popular dog breeds for sale we have:



The Poodle is the apartment dog par excellence: its small size and unexpected intelligence make it a perfect companion and a loyal and affectionate companion dog. The poodle is certainly a very popular and widespread dog in our Peninsula, in fact there are many specialized farms in this breed and in all its toy, dwarf, medium and giant variants. For this reason, for our shops that sell dogs in Milan , we continuously select and check the suppliers regarding the hygiene, care and imprinting of mares and litters. Often chosen as a gift, the poodle is a dog that adapts well to apartment life but this should not be underestimated. However, we are not talking about a toy but a specimen that needs your attention and that if neglected risks suffering a lot. Available at our dog shops in central Milan.

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French Boulledogue

The Bulldog français is a recognized breed of dog , of the Molosser type and small size, originating in France. It lives from 10-14 years on average. It is 28 to 33 cm tall. at the withers. Weight from 9 to 14Kg.

Character: affectionate, accommodating, lively, sociable, astute, patient, bright, alert, playful, athletic. Colors: light fawn, white, brindle mantle, white and brindle.

The French Bulldog (or French Bulldog, or French Bulldog) is an extremely popular dog breed , which actually comes from England: the name "French", in fact, is due to the fact that the lace workers who moved to France from United Kingdom during the French Revolution had brought with them precisely these animals, which in a short time became very popular.

The French Bulldog is probably one of the most affectionate and owner-related dogs that can be found, and for them, physical contact with their "reference humans" is simply sacred.

He constantly follows the people of his family, with the intention of protecting them from any potential danger, and courage is another of the distinguishing traits of the breed. He remains a dog of absolutely good nature , which can lend itself to becoming a guard dog but which, on its own, always makes friends with everyone.



In shops that sell dogs you can also find this particularly small breed but not delicate in adulthood. It fits in perfectly with apartment living. The name is due to the capital of the Mexican state of the same name where its first farms were born, where it is known as chihuahueño.

It lives on average from 12 to 20 years. It has a round apple-shaped head, large eyes and also exists of tiny dimensions because it is selected by man, but it is more resistant if it reaches 2.5 kg. In weight. It can have long or short hair. Temperament: faithful, lively, alert, courageous, alert. It is available in kennels and shops selling small dogs .

Maltese a Milano


The Maltese is a dog that despite its delicate appearance has a very particular character. You can find it in shops that sell dogs in Milan . This breed, which contrary to its name is not native to the island of Malta, hides very specific character traits as it is energetic and determined. In fact, the Maltese dog , despite its size which is certainly not the largest, does not like to stay indoors for too long. Sure, it is a small dog but it has great vitality and needs to run and move frequently. It is characterized by a long and strictly white coat of hair. It is a small dog : adult males reach a maximum height of 25 cm at the withers and do not exceed 4 kg in weight. The tail is often rounded forward, while the eyes are round and very expressive. Available in central Milan in our dog shops .

Cuccioli di york shire

York Shire Terrier

The Yorkshire terrier is a breed belonging to the small terrier breeds suitable as a companion dog . You can find it in our dog shops in Milan. It is also affectionately referred to as Yorkie . He is very sociable but also stubborn and very active like all terriers.

The Yorkshire terrier was selected in England, in the county of Yorkshire and was created for the purpose of catching mice in the mines, but they were also used for hunting foxes and badgers.

The weight of an adult Yorkshire or Yorkie ranges from 1.8 to 3.2 kg with a height ranging from 15 to 22 cm, making it a rather small dog . Despite its small size it is a robust dog and being a terrier it is fast and energetic.

The puppy is born with a weight of about 70gr with a soft and short hair with a black and reddish brown (tan) color: it has a rapid growth that ends around one year of age.

It is characterized by a small, rather flat head, an elongated muzzle and a very black nose. The eyes are medium in size, not bulging, dark in color and sparkling. The expression is intelligent and attentive. The ears are small in the shape of a V, not too far apart and carried straight. We recommend it in the sale of small dogs for dynamic customers.

Cavalier King Milano

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King is descended from hunting dogs however he is calm and balanced. In our dog shops we present it as an excellent companion dog . His story reveals him as a faithful and present friend in coexistence with noble families in European palaces. For this reason this breed has intimately formed the habit of comfort and at the same time a special companion of a devoted and present life. The Breed Standard defines him as Sporty, affectionate, absolutely fearless. Cheerful, friendly, non-aggressive, not prone to nervousness. She is lively but relates well to anyone. He is very affectionate with all family members and interacts well with children as well. The Cavalier King is a dog used to living indoors and not very suitable for solitude. It does not require special training strategies and adapts quite well to cold climates, while it can be physically affected by particularly hot climates. He has an iron health and has no particular needs, as far as cleaning is concerned. He is intelligent and shows great energy in interaction. In the sale of small dogs we present it as suitable for the elderly and families.

Jack Russel a Milano

Jack Russell

The Jack Russel Terrier is a dog with a strong character, in our shops that sell purebred dogs , it is recommended for those who are dynamic and able to educate. This breed owes its name to its creator, the Anglican shepherd Parson Jack Russel, a famous dog lover and a great lover of terriers.
Originally from Devon, he is known all over the world for his strong personality and sympathy.
Watchful and attentive, daring, cheerful and outgoing, he is a tireless hunter. Of solid and robust conformation, it must have a length of the body proportionate to the height. The general impression is one of compactness.
Its greatest quality is that of combining the qualities of a working dog with those of an irresistible, very sweet and funny companion.

In spite of its “furry toy” air, the Jack Russell is a real dog , with precise needs and with a very strong temper, which tends to dominate. Giving him too much leeway means looking for trouble. For this reason, in our small dog shops we always recommend taking a course with a dog trainer.
There are very sweet Jack russells who love cuddles and Jack russells who bite their master's hands and feet with brutal malice. There are Jacks who rush to the first call and those who enjoy being chased for hours running away on those short legs that reach incredible speeds. Height 25-38. Weight from 6.4 to 8.2.



The Beagle is gorgeous but fluffy and you can find it on kennels or in shops that sell dogs . It is a curious, intelligent, never aggressive dog. Suitable for family life and contact with children. Born as a hunting dog, he has adapted very well as a companion dog. On average it lives from 12 to 15 years and its weight is about 10 Kg., The height goes from 33 to 41 cm. and the color can be bi-tri-monocolor, however the tip of the thing must be strictly white. It has a sturdy and compact, yet graceful and elegant structure. It is very voracious and for this reason it must be kept under control with food. It has considerable energy and vitality. Curious, sociable with dogs and people. The beagle is a docile and affectionate dog. Very attached to the owner, who follows in every place and from which he never leaves, so much so that he is defined as a "shadow dog". Because of this almost morbid attachment, it is one of the dog breeds that suffers most from separation anxiety. For this reason, when we have to conclude the sale of a puppy of this breed in one of our dog shops in Milan, we are particularly careful to give it to those who have a social life, are dynamic and willing to follow a course for obedience. The beagle dog needs education and discipline from an early age: in this case it can become very obedient, as it is quite trainable.



1873, a fundamental year for the English Cocker Spaniel : in fact at that moment the Kennel Club was founded and they were recognized as a specific and distinct breed compared to the Field and Springer Spaniels. Let's start from the origins: the history of these specimens was born in Britain in the fifteenth century, where they were called " cocking spaniel " for their ability to raise the woodcock from the hawk, specially trained for this. Considered a strong and sweet dog , we recommend it in the sale of purebred dogs in Milan that are easier to keep.

The Cocker is of medium size , with dangling ears, with a very developed thorax and a compact trunk; its coat can be of different colors (fawn, black, but also more rarely roan blue and even bi-tricolor), particularly thick, even both smooth and wavy. The Cocker weighs 12 kg and never exceeds 14.5, with a height between 39-41 cm for the males and a few less for the female. The Cocker is a concentrate of life and energy: it is cheerful (just see its tail in constant motion to fall in love with it), sporty, strong and very elegant. He can also be affectionate with his master and family. Being a very energetic dog, if not allowed to “let off steam” it can become too exuberant. For this reason it is not ideal for lazy and sedentary owners. Available in our dog shops in central Milan.

Perro de agua a Milano

Perro de Agua

Of all the dog shops in Milan, we are certainly the only ones who have availability and know this extraordinary breed of dogs. In the past this dog was Turkish-Andalusian, today the Perro de Agua Español has an undeniable Andalusian origin, and from Andalusia it has spread throughout the rest of the Iberian Peninsula.These lively and obedient dogs have a great ability to learn thanks to the their extraordinary intelligence. They adapt easily to different environmental and psychological situations. The Perro de Agua Español is a rustic dog, of medium weight, harmonious in form, with good musculature due to the constant functional gymnastics it exercises; the profile is sub-convex, with a tendency to rectilinear. He has very developed sight, smell and hearing. The coat is long, wavy or curly. The eyes have a lively look and are of a color that harmonizes with the coat. It adapts well to the family and for this reason we recommend it in our shops that sell dogs in Milan . Where it is not very well known. The ears are triangular and folded. The height at the withers of the males varies from 44 to 50 cm, that of the females from 40 to 46 cm. The weight is 18 to 22 kg for males and 14 to 18 kg for females.

The coat does not need to be brushed but it is best to have it shortened a little twice a year by a professional. Requires moderate motor activity. His character is docile, very faithful and tireless in his work.

Border Collie a Milano

Border Collie

Conquered success in Italy through a famous TV commercial, from there this breed that you find in our shops that sell dogs in Milan , has become a classic of family home life. Bravo in agility competitions, the border collie actually has a past that is not at all playful in fact it is the shepherd dog par excellence in fact still today one of the most used breeds for driving and monitoring flocks. The Border is agile and lively but sensitive and emotionally fragile. This breed originated in the Scottish Highlands and quickly spread to the rest of England.

In pet shops, the border is recommended for dynamic singles and families, who love to have a dog with whom to share moments in the open air, love to walk, run and play. He is an athlete born both physically and in mind. It lends itself to any sporting activity obtaining excellent results. Having become famous thanks to the use in agility, where in the large category they are practically unbeatable, the border collies are also inclined to obedience, but they do not disdain other four-legged sports. In short, they are all-round athletes ”.

australian sheperd a Milano

Australian Sheppard

The Australian Shepherd , or Australian Shepherd Dog , has a misleading name. It is far from Australian. It is a breed created with crosses of Basque and Smithfield shepherds (an unrecognized breed of dog with a standard), which is slowly entering the hearts of many for its sweetness, intelligence and child-handling ability.

The Australian Shepherd is an extremely empathetic dog , ideal for agility, flock control, rescue at sea, and on land. Endowed with a lively intelligence, however, he is well aware of the relationship with the human, which he does not try to override. With his firm and resilient musculature, he is also excellent as a working dog. He is very fond of children (which is why he is increasingly chosen by couples with small children), and follows them and controls them as if they were also his own children. One of its peculiarities: it tends to reveal the teeth. Although it can be misinterpreted as a smile, this action is done to free up more space in the mouth and allow for 'full lungs' breathing. Master of himself and his spaces, tends to suffer loneliness if left alone, but gets along very well with other dogs. It has long, soft fur and a long tail
and it is impossible to find 2 identical ones. The recognized categories are solid black (tricolor black, as the predominance is black but also has white and brown), usual brown (tricolor red), blue merle and red merle. White is allowed on the neck, whole or partial, chest, legs and belly.


Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is a sturdy dog . The male can reach a maximum height of 60 cm, thus falling into the category of medium-sized dogs, however his sturdy build can make him appear much larger. The weight can vary from 35 kg for a large male to 25 kg for a smaller female. The specimens selected for the work line are often taller and have a slightly more slender structure.

The Labrador Retriever is easily recognized by its broad head, large drooping ears, and expressive eyes. Two distinctive features are the dense but rather short double coat, very water repellent, and the well known "otter tail". The foot is described as "webbed", with flaps of skin that join one finger to the other to facilitate swimming. Colors can range from black to chocolate, to red / yellow or even almost white.The Labrador Retriever breed matures quite quickly, reaching adult height between 6 and 12 months, although growth can continue for up to 2 years. Many specimens reach 12-14 years. In general, the Labrador Retriever makes an excellent family dog as long as his exercise and training needs are always met. He is selected for the job, in fact he works hard and is happy to have a task to do, especially the carryover. It usually gets along well with other dogs , other pets, and children, as long as training has mitigated its natural exuberance. It is a strong dog , which needs obedience training from a puppy, otherwise it will be difficult to control on a leash. Due to their energy, Labradors who are left on their own and who do little exercise can become destructive: they chew, dig and bark to excess. In our shops, purebred dogs are available and recommended especially for those with families and following a dynamic life.

Golden Retriver

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a cheerful , friendly, and people-loving dog. Anyone who turns his attention, in choosing the first dog, consciously or by chance, to a breed like the Golden Retriever and the Labrador Retriever , will never regret this decision and all the recommendations regarding the risks associated with the choice of a "wrong" breed or rather not suited to the owner's personality and lifestyle, have no particular importance because the balance and the "Breed" characteristics, that is, "typical", of the Golden and Labrador are truly so extraordinary that it is very unlikely that an unsuitable or unsatisfied owner will be found.

The origins of the Golden Retriever date back to the second half of the last century in Great Britain, where Lord Tweedmouth, a noble belonging to an ancient Scottish family, began to select the breed. It is a dog that needs a lot of movement and has an innate retrieving instinct. He is slightly taller and more slender than the Labrador . It has a medium to long fluffy coat. It is strong and suitable for families and children. This is why it is recommended in our pet and purebred dog shops in Milan.



Beautiful and elegant, it is a hunting dog that has become a city thanks to its appearance. Actually being a very energetic and difficult dog in training. If not properly vented it becomes very difficult to keep in the apartment. This is why it is available in our dog shops but is sold with the appropriate information about its character. The height at the withers is 60-70 cm, the females are often a little lower. Strongly built and selected for work, these slender dogs are endowed with great endurance in running. The head is strong and of the hunting dog type, with drooping ears. They reach maturity at the age of 1-2 years, although at 6-8 months they are already of adult size. The coat of the Weimaraner is short, smooth and shiny and is considered a “wash and wear” garment, in fact it requires little more than a quick wipe with a rubber curry comb. The color varies from mouse gray to silver gray, which gives this dog the nickname "gray ghost".

The Weimaraner is an active dog that requires an adequate level of physical activity given its hunting skills. Although he is a hunting dog, he does not do well in the box at all, but prefers to be with his owner. It is a dog that must be involved in various activities to avoid its destructive behavior, such as chewing on objects and digging. To prevent it from deciding to leave, it should be kept in large fenced areas.

The Weimaraner needs to interact with people a lot. With good socialization, they tolerate other dogs well. Other animals , such as cats, rodents, birds or reptiles, should be kept at a distance because, given their origin as hunters, they could kill them. For all

Weimaraners are ideal for those who want an active large breed dog for hunting , hiking, and other outdoor activities. They are also good watchdogs . Life expectancy is around 10-15 years.

Bracco Italiano

Bracco Italiano

The Bracco is a good and sweet hunting dog, therefore available and recommended in our pet and dog shops in Milan . The Italian Bracco is a dog originally from Italy, trained since ancient times to hunt birds . Various testimonies relating to this breed demonstrate the continuity of its history, both in morphology and in hunting predisposition as a pointing dog. The Italian Bracco is a real reason for our local pride, even if it is also known as a breed in other countries, such as France, which had imported it since ancient times.

His hunting nature does not make him an aggressive dog. On the contrary, the Bracco dog is a quiet and docile companion, ideal for sharing spaces and moments of tenderness even with children.

The Bracco dog was officially recognized and appreciated only in the Renaissance, when it became the life partner of many nobles, including the Medici family. This period of fame was followed by one

This homegrown hunting dog is one of the pointing dog breeds : it does not have a strong and thick physique, however it is very slender and fit, with sculpted and lean muscles. The tail is straight, while the muzzle has a pouting look which makes it funny. The nose is very voluminous and protruding, the ears long and large and the hair short. The fur colors of the Italian Bracco allowed are brown roan and orange white. The male Bracco dog is between 58 and 67 centimeters tall, while the female is slightly smaller, between 55 and 62 centimeters. The weight varies between 25 and 40 kilograms.

As for the character of the Italian Bracco , consider that, despite being a hunting dog, this animal has an extraordinary temperament, and manages to make itself loved unconditionally by all members of the family. It is in fact a very quiet and gentle breed.


Great Dane

Being that its ancestors are the English mastiffs and the German greyhounds, the Great Dane is a particular molosser, unique in its genre: we are talking about a dog that can reach a height of 109 cm and a weight of 110 kg (male specimen) , while the female can weigh a maximum of 100 kg and measure no more than 95 cm.

Its head is large and rectangular, with very marked and sometimes hanging lips, the same thing as the ears.

Despite these "monstre" measures, the Great Dane is a very elegant dog with a very nice face. Its coat can be of different shades: full-colored, brindle, black, harlequin and blue. Among these, certainly the most singular is the Great Dane Harlequin : it has a white base of the coat, with black lacquer spots. Gray or brown spots are also included in the standard.

Due to its imposing size it is often used to guard first of all even if it is not absolutely aggressive in nature. It is an intelligent , affectionate and extremely sensitive breed. He can be calm and balanced, he is not wary of strangers and is therefore sociable. He is very attached to his master, he would not leave him even for a moment and on the contrary he becomes sad when he is alone. It needs a lot of space and constant movement and activity to have adequate muscles for size. In our shops that sell dogs it is recommended especially for singles because of the energy that its size requires. The training course is important to stimulate and manage it.



The origins of the Greyhound are to be found in antiquity, in fact there are petroglyphs that portray them starting from 10,000-12,000 years ago. The oldest recognized FCI breed is the Egyptian one, the Salukj estimated by Alexander the Great in 329 BC; to follow we find the Irish greyhound, present since the literature of the fifth century; to get to the Spanish and Italian. The common feature is the small head and the slender body, but this breed differs in the different shapes it takes depending on the country of origin: the Afghan hound is characterized by a silky and long coat; English short-haired greyhound stands out for its speed, if well trained it can reach 72 km / h. The Irish rough-haired greyhound is defined as “the giant” among dog breeds, it can reach 80 cm at the shoulder; the Polish greyhound differs from the others of its breed due to its robust and strong build. The greyhound is a breed that has different behavioral attitudes depending on the origin. In general, it is an independent, clean and intelligent animal but the behaviors of the individual greyhound breeds are different. For example, the Whippet or the little Italian greyhound are sweet towards the owner even after spending a short time in his home, on the contrary the Persian and African greyhound analyze the master to understand if he really deserves his fidelity, resulting defensive and shy. In the latter case, the greyhound carefully evaluates whether to obey or not and it is useless to impose itself by force, rather it serves to present itself as a coherent, kind and reliable person. All very clean and almost telepathic: the moment they begin to respect the master they will do it forever. In any case, being almost all excellent runners, sometimes shy and shy, we must always be careful and train them with a gentle method and close to the individual's temperament. Obviously, having been a chaser and hunting dog in ancient times, the greyhound needs to run in large spaces, whether it is a beach or a meadow. His need for recreation can be satisfied on the track. This breed is endowed with physical strength, speed and endurance: for this reason it is advisable to have it live in a house with large spaces available nearby (garden, park, etc.) rather than in 50sqm of home. He is very clean and respectful by nature but requires targeted and functional training techniques, which is why it will be difficult to make him grow and educate him in tight spaces; it also takes him an hour to unleash his innate need to run. Quiet walks on the beach, in the mountains or in the countryside are welcome when it comes to the Greyhound. In fact, this breed can easily adapt to high temperatures but, on the contrary, it does not have undercoat and subcutaneous adipose tissue so it is necessary to make it wear a coat at low temperatures. The Greyhound breed easily lends itself to various uses thanks to its character. It is much loved in the family for its sweetness and tranquility, in fact, if trained with firm and gentle manners at the same time, it easily adapts to apartment life as well as to outdoor life. For this reason it is recommended in our pet shops to those who have time to dedicate to it, a large house, a non-sedentary family life.

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