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Pet accessories: style, elegance, health

All the best in AnimalHouseMilano stores!

In our stores you can find: all the best dog accessories for quality, technology and design such as:

-The non-slip cat and dog food bowls , in elegant ceramic and modern design in dishwasher-proof material

- the most beautiful washable, soft kennels, suitable for any furniture

- both technical and elegant collars , harnesses and leashes such as the Puppia harnesses in breathable cotton.

- cages for parrots , birds and rodents that are functional, resistant and chic only with selected brands

-Finally, in dog clothing you have a wide choice of fun, trendy coats and raincoats with the right protection from cold and humidity, with models suitable for any dog morphology .

accessori per animali
accessori per animali
accessori per cani

Common dog accessories:

If you have a dog, you cannot fail to have a list of useful and indispensable accessories for the care of your four-legged friend like this:


• dog coats,

- • dog collars, leashes and harnesses,

• food (Trainer, Royal, Prolife, Farmina, Schesir,)

• dog games,

• interactive games for dogs,

• bone United Pet bag holder,

• dog hygiene products.

Complete set:

Doghouse with cushion, bowls, plasticized tablecloth and pet carrier.


Bowls for dogs or cats


Plastic-coated tablecloth to protect the floor

Soft dog or cat bed with warm blanket


Luxury dog accessory

Some examples of our style in dog accessories :

- the coat in cotton velvet lined in satin,

and padded with anti-cold insulating material,

- the glazed ceramic bowls,

- the non-slip plastic bowls,

- ultra-soft dog beds with detachable pillow that can be machine washed,

- the dog gate extendable up to 96cm., with double opening,

- handmade African collars in leather and beads,

- Mexican handcrafted collars in leather and cotton weaving.

The lux: handmade and personalized leather collars and leashes

- genuine leather collar and / or personalized one,

- half-crimped collar,

- collar for large large dogs,

- collars and harnesses for smaller dogs,

Each dog collar is handmade by our expert master craftsmen who transform the material into an exclusive product.
TheLux dog collar is a continuous search for perfection, resistance and quality to allow your puppy to always wear the best dog collars on the market.
All personalized dog collars are made with first choice hides and leather (from the most classic to the most sought after). Each of these collars can be made with the name and initial of your faithful four-legged companion!
These collars are ideal for all dog breeds such as : chihuahua, jack russel, pinscher, yorkshire, amstaff, beagle, french bulldog, doberman,
labrador and golden.


Cat Accessories:

Below is a list of essential accessories for cats :

  • covers,

  • washable kennels,

  • scratching post,

  • bowls,

  • tubs,

  • cat litter boxes,

  • gravel Cat hygiene products,

  • food (Schesir, Royal, Natural Code, Trainer, Farmina)

  • cat toys,

  • comfortable feathers to entertain your cat in an original way,
  • pet carriers.
Trasportini per cani

Wide Assortment of Backpacks and Carriers

Accessory luxury dog

Among all the models of cat kennels , our Animal House Milano pet shops offer some particularly original, design and luxury ones. Among these:

- the Domus egg-made cat bed , with internal temperature regulation,

- the Cat Qublo kennel which is also a game thanks to the numerous openings,

- the kennel for dogs and cats made as a sofa in bleached wood.


Domus kennel for cats

Accessories for hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits:

If you have a hamster , guinea pig or bunny you will not be able to do without:

• a comfortable and functional cage,

• games to entertain your pet and prevent him from going into depression (especially if alone),

• a hamster wheel,

• the nice ball to make the hamster go around the house in complete safety,

• food for guinea pigs / hamsters / conigi brand versele.

Gabbie per criceti

Cages for hamsters, with tubes, wheel, bowls, drinking bottles and house.

Accessories for birds, parrots and birds:

If you have a bird , including a parrot or canary, or you may not have:

cages or aviaries,

• drinking bottles,

• mangers,

• food,

• perches,

• games for parakeets or parrots,



IMAC cages


Accessories for aquariums or turtle tanks:

Accessories for aquariums and turtle tanks, list of essential accessories:

• to industrial buyers of all brands,

• aquarium heaters,

• automatic feeders,

• food for fish and turtles,

• light for aquariums,

• rocks, fake plants and sand to decorate the aquarium,

• glass turtle tanks,

• fish trays,

• fish bowls.

Mangiatoie per acquari

Aquarium accessories:

• Automatic Feeder

• Aerator

• Feed in tablets

Aquarium furniture:

• Fake plants

• Rocks

• Fake jellyfish

Arredi per acquari
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