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The sale of hamsters in Milan is often abused, in fact, the hamsters are highly social but independent at the same time, however it is necessary to provide a proper home and due care.

Among the pets for sale AnimalHouseMilano offers the sale of rodents such as:

- the guinea pig , a little smaller than the rabbit

- hamsters

- the African hedgehog , tameable and easy to keep

All with specific cages, games, feeders, food and any useful accessory to have these sweet pet animals at home

Vendita criceti milano

The first shop for hamsters, guinea pigs and African hedgehogs in Milan

AnimalHouseMilano also deals with hamsters, guinea pigs and African hedgehogs thanks to our staff specialized in all types of animals.

Our strong point is the sale of rare animals such as the African hedgehog , or the more common ones such as Russian hamsters or Peruvian guinea pigs .

Vendita criceti milano

Hamsters Sale Milan

AnimalHouseMilano is also a hamster shop in Milan and offers the sale of hamsters . These rodents need a special cage equipped with paths, burrows, wheels and feeders. The golden hamster , or hamster, feeds on seeds that can be purchased in specific food boxes. Also likes small amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables (not cold from the fridge). It recognizes the owner, is in the hand and lives for about three years. He is well suited for captive breeding and often forms a strong bond with children.

Negozio di cavie peruviane a Milano

Sale of Peruvian Guinea Pigs

The guinea pig or Peruvian guinea pig is another rodent that lives in our homes and that you can find at our stores. It can have smooth or curly hair (ruffled in tufts on the body). It feeds on specific food, dry hay, fruits and vegetables. It lives in cages with suitable bottoms and bars. It is a particularly shy animal but once it gets comfortable it loves being in the arms. In captivity it can live up to about six years.

Riccio africano a Milano

Sale of African Curls in Milan

The African hedgehog is an excellent exotic pet animal , you can find young specimens in our hedgehog shops in milan They are very compact and their size varies from 5 to 8 inches (12-20 centimeters) in length. They have a life expectancy of between 3 and 8 years. They are companion animals that don't require a lot of care, but still love to interact with people.

If you decide to take one of these hedgehogs as a pet , you should know that they are nocturnal but often very sociable during the twilight hours. The feeding of the African hedgehog consists of a base of treats for puppies and live insects such as meal moths , which can be purchased in our pet shop specializing in the purchase of a hedgehog in Milan . Source

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