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The cat sales service in Milan and its province serves to assist the customer in choosing a cat as a pet, certainly presupposing an appropriate knowledge of the feline breeds to which a certain character and specific aesthetics are also due.

Vendita gatti milano  provincia

Buying a cat in Milan: where, how and why

It can become difficult to have clear ideas about cat breeds . In fact it is easy to think of a Persian cat with majestic fur and regal behavior or to imagine playing hide and seek in the trees together with a large Siberian cat . Or perhaps it becomes impossible not to seek the sale of blue-eyed, sinuous and lively Siamese cats to then find ourselves with a pet that is temperamentally difficult for our type of lifestyle.

AnimalHouseMilano is not only a place to buy a cat in Milan , but we also deal with the sale and conscious purchase of Persian , Carthusian and any breed cats.

Vendit gatti scottish fold

Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is a variety of cat native to Scotland. The coat, which requires frequent care, can be of a very wide variety of colors even if the most common are gray. This type of cat is characterized by having its ears folded forward.

It is a very sociable kitten suitable for apartment life with families and children. These folded-ear cats are playful and cuddly, often enjoying the company of their own kind as well as humans. There are various types of Scottish cat colors , such as: Blue, Gray, Black, Chocolate, Lilac, Red and Cream.

Vendita gatti british

British Short Hair

The British Shorthair is the descendant of the cats brought to Great Britain by the Romans who were later crossed with the native wild cats. Historically it is known that the British Shorthair lived in the wild or at least was not recognized and bred as a separate breed until the 19th century. secolo.I British Shorthair kittens are a race from the very particular nature of cats. They have a stable temperament which makes them very suitable as indoor-only cats , i.e. for apartment life. These are in fact the typical short-haired indoor cats. They do not require much attention, so even if the owner is absent for a few hours this type of cat will not suffer from loneliness, as it has a very strong tendency to play, even alone. British Shorthairs , despite their penchant for play, are not hyperactive, are very quiet and can even sleep many hours a day, preferring to be close to their owners rather than on them.

The cats of this breed are suitable for families and children, for this reason they are the most trendy cats in the cat sales service in Milan and its province.

Vendita gatti persiani


The Exotic Shorthair or Exotic Shorthair or Exotic Shorthair is a genealogically recognized cat breed with pedigree. Affectionate and not very aggressive, he is calm and sociable by nature. Perfect for children and apartment life. Although he is calm by nature, compared to the Persian he is more active, he loves to be admired, which is why he is at ease in exhibitions. Even as puppies they tend to be quieter than other breeds. It is not uncommon to find this breed in the cat shop in Milan .

Vendita gatti bengala

Bengal cat

The Bengal is a hybrid cat breed , born from the cross between a domestic cat and a leopard cat.

A Bengal cat is considered a true domestic cat only after the third generation; first it may still have behaviors typical of the wild cat, in fact it never completely abandons the character of its ancestors. He loves jumping, running and still has a predatory instinct towards small animals. It needs space to run around, even within the walls of the house or a fenced garden. It is an affectionate cat, but with a decidedly turbulent character. It is possible to find Bengal cat kittens directly in our shop specializing in cats in Milan .

Gatti siberiani a Milano

Siberian cat

The Siberian cat is a cat breed resulting from the natural selection between the wild cat of the woods and the domestic cat brought to Siberian Russia by some settlers on their wanderings, which took place around the year 1050. The specimens of this breed are characterized by semi fur -long and massive, but compact in size. The very harsh climatic conditions have made this little feline a strong, resistant and shrewd hunter with a water-repellent coat and particularly thick skin for better body thermoregulation, this characteristic of the hair makes it the main hypoallergenic cat .

Gatti ragdoll a milano

Rag Doll

The Ragdoll is one   breed of cat for sale of North American selection with blue eyes and a particular colourpoint coat. It is a muscular and large animal, with a semi-long, soft and silky coat. Developed since the 1960s by American breeder Ann Baker, it is known for its docile and quiet temperament and affectionate nature. The name Ragdoll (rag doll) derives precisely from the behavior of this cat , very relaxed when taken in the arms. Ragdo ll cats are known as "dog-like cats" due to their behavior such as a tendency to follow people around the environment, being comfortable when physically manipulated and their relative lack of aggression towards other pets. ; they can also be trained to bring back objects.

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