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Among the parrot shops in Milan specializing in exotic animals and birds is Animal House Milano which offers the sale of birds from canaries to larger parrots , all with regular documents .

Negozio di  pappagalli a Milano

Not just bird sales in Milan

AnimalHouseMilano also gives the possibility to purchase the necessary and specific accessories for birds such as cages, vitamins, food , always helping the customer with the necessary information in order to enable him to include feathered friends in daily life.

The sale of the birds also includes budgies and large parrots reared by hand , that is, accustomed to man and fed by him from birth, so much so that they are domestic and able to live free without fear of human beings. we can consider other exotic birds such as lovebirds, amazons, macaws, cockatoos and cockatiels always available in stores Animal House Milan.

Availability of Parrot and Bird species

Here are the species of parrots and budgies , as well as exotic birds that we treat in our exotic bird departments in Milan:


Lovebirds, agapornis

The inseparable are the parrots belonging to the genus Agapornis, which includes nine species.

Of these, those commonly raised as pets are A. roseicollis, A. personatus and A. fischeri .

They are native to Africa and Madagascar . They owe their name to the fact that they form stable pairs that spend a lot of time perching close together, smoothing each other's feathers. In nature they form small groups; they eat berries, fruit, seeds, sprouts.

Lovebirds are small-sized parrots with a stocky body and short tail.

In captivity they live on average 10-15 years, if properly bred and fed.

Thanks to their liveliness, the beauty of the colors, the ease of management, the lovebirds are among the most common parrots in homes. Due to their tendency to form a strong bond with a companion, it is preferable to keep them in pairs; a person kept alone needs a lot of company and attention, otherwise they can develop behavior problems.

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Vendita calopsit a Milano

Cockatiel or Cockatiel, Nymphicus hollandicus

The Calopsitta ( Nymphicus hollandicus ), although belonging to the Cacatuidae family, is more similar to small parrots in shape and size: it has a slender body, tapered wings and a long pointed tail.

Calopsite's character is friendly, playful and affectionate. These budgies love to be around their owner and spend time on their arm or shoulder. A healthy cockatiel that has been socialized properly can make a wonderful family pet and is also ideal for apartment living.

Although males can learn a few words or phrases, cockatiels are hardly describable as talking budgies , yet they possess great whistling skills. Fortunately, they are animals that tend to "chirp" rather than scream and their volume is quite low. This makes them suitable parrots for those living in an apartment .

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Vendita Cocorite a Milano

Parakeet, wavy parakeet

The parakeet, also called budgerigar is a small size parrot that originates from Australia, which is located in the grassy plains to arid climate; it lives in flocks of some tens of individuals. It is a very active bird that flies over large distances in search of food and water. It is a nomadic species and moves according to the availability of food and the most favorable climatic conditions. Being adapted to an arid climate, the parakeet gets most of the water it needs from food. It is a mainly granivorous bird.

This little poodle is very intelligent, sociable and active; he can learn to repeat words, even if his pronunciation is not very clear. Its small size makes it relatively easy to manage, however it needs a cage as wide as possible (especially in width) to be able to fly. Being a social animal , used to living in groups, it is preferable to keep it in pairs, unless you can dedicate a lot of time to keep it company.

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Canarini a Milano


The canary is a small bird that belongs to the Finch family. The name derives from its homeland, the Canary archipelago. Being able to adapt to most types of habitats, these animals quickly spread to numerous areas of the planet.

Given the habit of these birds to fly horizontally, canary breeding cages must be longer than tall. One meter in length by 50 or 60 centimeters in height are the ideal dimensions.

As with all aviary birds , canarins also do not like solitude very much, for this reason it might be a good idea to keep them at least in pairs.

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vendita pappagalli ara milano

Macaw parrot, ARA ARARAUNA

The Ara ararauna (Linnaeus 1758) is one of the largest parrots existing on the planet. Belonging to the family of the Psittacidae and to the genus Ara , it occupies as a distribution area with its own populations mainly Central and South America. The Ara ararauna is one of the most widespread large parrots in captivity. There are essentially two types present in domestic environments: breeding couples and artificially bred subjects, kept as pets . The temperament of this bird is peaceful, being particularly suitable for close coexistence with humans by virtue of the strong bond it generally establishes with the owner and his innate laziness, which allows him to be raised free on perches even for long periods of time throughout the day without showing restlessness.

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parocchetto dal collare a milano

Collared parakeet, Psittacula krameri

The collared parakeet is a very widespread parrot in nature, from central and eastern Africa to India up to China, and among the most bred, certainly the first of the genus Psittacula. To the elegant good appearance it combines other characteristics such as resistance, being undemanding and the ability to reproduce in captivity. It is characterized by a green livery, orange-red beak and gray legs; also the sexual dimorphism is present: in the males there is the presence of a colored band on the neck (generally orange and black) while the female and the young individual do not; the color of the beak is also different in the two sexes. It is not a difficult parrot to tame , if followed closely, it is able to learn many words.

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amazzne a milano


Amazons are medium-sized parrots whose natural habitat is made up of disparate environments, including South America, Central America and the Caribbean Sea. They are characterized by green color, compact and robust shapes, a rather short tail and a very strong beak. Their disposition is sociable, as they tend to live in herds and family groups. The Amazon is a very active and intelligent bird , and rather predisposed to friendly interaction with humans.

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