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There are few turtle shops in Milan which derives from the low demand for reptiles, however we offer the turtle sales service in Milan and its province .

In fact, in addition to the sale of water turtles in Milan , our sales points also offer free advice on this type of exotic animal .

Negozo retili milano

Not a simple shop for turtles and amphibians in Milan

Our shop for turtles and amphibians in Milan offers a wide range of exotic animals and accessories for terrariums , only in this way can we guarantee excellent care and products for the reptiles we sell.

The animal sales service over the years has focused on the availability of:

Axolotl Milan sale

• Sale of water turtles in Milan

• Sale of land turtles in Milan

Turtle species in Milan :

Here are the species of reptiles and amphibians that you will find in our specialized stores , remember that if you do not find a species in our stores you can easily order it by booking.


Water turtles, Graptemys pseudogeographica

Its range develops in the central United States, where it populates the Mississippi basin and its tributaries, covering the surface of several states (in particular Missouri and Louisiana). It is a water turtle that lives in slow-flowing streams, ponds and the like, with more or less abundant aquatic vegetation.It shares its range and habitat with other similar species such as Trachemys scripta . The males have a tail of considerable size, moreover the opening of the cloaca is placed more towards the extremity; they reach smaller dimensions than the females, about half (10-14 cm).
This water turtle species adapts very well to aquaterrarium life, making it suitable as a family pet.

The most common aquatic turtle species are available in our reptile or reptile store.

Vendita axolotl milano

Albystoma mexicanum

The axolotl or ambystoma mexicanum , is a unique aquatic animal , in fact it belongs to the order of the anifibians despite having 4 unique ways to breathe. It is a very simple neotenic salamander to breed, its tanks necessarily need a filter and temperatures as low as possible.

It feeds on its food and small fish such as guppies, gambusias, silversides and freshwater bleak.

It can be bred in captivity, but the axolotl falls into the category of endangered animals therefore protected by cites documentation.

The animalhouse milano is the only pet shop for the sale of axolotl at 360 °. Source

Vendita tartarughe a Milano

Land turtle, Testudo horsfieldi

The Horsfield T artaruga is a reptile belonging to the order of the testudines. It is also commonly referred to as the Russian Tartaruga or Steppe Tortoise . This land turtle is characterized by a rounded and flattened carapace with the coloration that varies from yellow, to ocher and olive depending on the subspecies, the scutes are spotted in the center of black.

This species is certainly the best domestic turtle that exists, in fact it adapts very well to life in the terrarium as well as outdoors. As for the terrestrial turtle diet, it is based on vegetables such as radicchio, endive, chicory and field herbs.

We wouldn't be a reptile specialty store if we didn't have the most common ground turtles available.

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