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Animal House Milano is also a rabbit shop , it also offers the purchase of pet rabbits , both dwarf and lion's head and of all the most common breeds. The sale of pet rabbits in Milan more than in other cities is very widespread. In fact, this small rodent often fills the hearts of children instead of the dog, which is much more demanding.

Negozo conigli milano

Sale of dwarf rabbits in Milan

Rabbits as a pet are not to be underestimated, in fact they are very intelligent animals and predisposed to contact with humans. Although you may think of the congil in the house as a kind of rodent, you are wrong, the dwarf rabbit is much more like a cat or a dog in character. It is possible to train the congiletti to use the litter autonomously, as regards the breeding of rabbits at home, two schools of thought coexist:

• The bunny stays in a cage when its owner is not at home, and then stays free in a room with its owner.

• The other method to keep a bunny is free housing, in fact rabbits are very suitable for staying free in the house, the cage

always open it will work as a den or shelter, an external litter box will prevent your rabbit from dirtying where it shouldn't. Keeping a rabbit free in the house or in a rabbit pen is less stressful and overwhelming than a cage, and ensures greater animal welfare.

In our rabbit shop in Milan you can find the following breeds:

Conigli ariete a milano

Dwarf ram rabbit

The Aries dwarf rabbit is the most docile and cuddly bunny there is, it interacts very well with small children. The breed must be well expressed in miniature. On a balanced bone there are strong muscular parts, in proportion to the size. The neck is not visible, the nape is short. The legs are short, strong and straight.

Ram rabbits are characterized by having drooping ears on the sides of their heads which they are unable to move. The dwarf ram rabbit is an animal endowed with a lively intelligence; he is very curious and also quite sociable; some specimens are quite aggressive, but they soften their character after sterilization.

Anyone who intends to buy a dwarf rabbit as a pet must be aware that it is an animal that does not like to be left alone too much and cannot be given only a few pennies of time. He also greatly appreciates the company of a companion or companion.

Negozio di conigl nani a Milano

Dwarf rabbit

The dwarf rabbit originates from the domestic rabbit and has even more remote roots in the wild one. As a rabbit it has origins in Spain and in the various countries of the Mediterranean, brought by the ships of the Phoenicians ... in the Middle Ages it spreads throughout Europe as a domestic rabbit , mainly for food. It then became an excellent companion animal , the dwarf rabbit is docile , affectionate and sociable. He loves to move and explore the environment although he may initially appear fearful and cautious. The dwarf rabbit is a small pet , widespread in our homes due to its small size and docile character. It is not difficult to keep a bunny as a pet , it can only be kept in a cage if you can give it a lot of free time, or the trend for the well-being of domestic dwarf freezes has become home breeding with comfortable rabbit enclosures that guarantee more space and cleanliness.

The dwarf rabbit is certainly the most popular rabbit in rabbit shops in Milan .

Negozio di Conigli olandesi a Milano

Dutch dwarf rabbit

The Dutch dwarf rabbit is characterized by a two-color patch of fur, mainly concentrated in the spots in the area of the ears and tail.

It is a breed of domestic rabbit originating in the Netherlands. The Netherland Dwarf is one of the smallest rabbit breeds and has become popular as a pet or show rabbit due to its slow development, in fact it remains with the appearance of a rabbit pup for up to two years.

Coniglio testa di leone

Lion Head Rabbit

The lion's head rabbit has been known in Europe since the early 1980s, while in America. It is the lion's head rabbit , a small pet that does not exceed 1.8 kg in weight.

The Lion Head Bunny has a sweet, sociable and expansive character, he becomes attached to his family after a few days. In fact, he must gradually get used to his presence. The important thing is to leave him free to explore, trying to respect his times, and never force him into interactions, but rather reward him, whenever he takes a step forward (even metaphorical). And never stop talking to him.

It is possible to order this breed of rabbit also by reservation through the rabbit sales service in Milan.

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