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Dog grooming in Milan is available from Monday to Friday in AnimalHouseMilano in via Adige 3 by appointment.

For info and costs +39 0255188280 .

Dog grooming in Milan : why it is important

Dog grooming in Milan is no longer just a way to treat aesthetics against the formation of knots but a system for controlling dog hygiene through moments of relaxation and play through the gentle method during the grooming itself.

For this reason we conclude by saying that for the well-being of the dog and for the care of the coat it is important to groom it consistently.

In our professional dog grooming shop in Milan , all the different hair cutting techniques are applied:

toelettatura cani a Milano

Cat grooming in Milan

Milan cat grooming always takes place in the same location as professional dog grooming by appointment but after specifying the cat's habits regarding contact with the dog and the relationship with professional grooming itself.

Professional cat grooming assumes that the groomer is an expert and connoisseur of the character of felines in order to have the ability to make the cat feel comfortable without trauma.

  • Pesticide bath

  • Cat wash

  • Cat shearing

  • Cat joint

The above is possible thanks to the preparation of Animal House Milano professionals trained with the best grooming courses, with years of experience in the care of dog and cat hair and in the knowledge of canine and feline psychology.


In fact, to work in the professional grooming of our pet shops, it is necessary to be an expert in the morphology of the various breeds, to know how to create the various hairstyles and to know how to use the specific grooming equipment.


The Dog or Cat customer must always be brought to a state of well-being and tranquility possible thanks to the canine and feline psychology skills of our Groomer.

To offer a professional and comfortable grooming service for the animal, the gentle method must be applied. Finally, hypoallergenic cosmetics with natural essences such as lavender, rose and musk are used to increase well-being and relaxation.

Dog grooming at home

Regarding the grooming of dogs at home , we believe that it is uncomfortable and uncomfortable for the dog since in this case, adequate equipment for professional grooming would be missing.

Animal House Milano is very attentive to older dogs. For the treatment of these in fact, it provides for the attendance by Groommers of grooming courses for elderly dogs in Milan . In this case, the technique involves more pampering and massages.

toelettatura cani a Milano

Dog and cat grooming in Milan : new treatment with ozonated water.

And here is the latest treatment with equipment to produce ozonated water in dog grooming in Milan .

Incredible to say but it really helps in the elimination of mites and bacteria, disinfects the skin, tones the muscles, oxygenates the blood and lymphatic circulation, leaving a stage of relaxation and well-being.

In our groomer for dogs and cats this treatment has brought many benefits in grooming Maltese dogs, cocker, and even the poodle puppies.

Seeing is believing! We give our friends a few moments of peace and relaxation.

The professional dog grooming service is carried out only and exclusively by reservation.

The sales point that carries out the professional grooming service in Milan for your dog and cat is located in via Adige n ° 3.

Grooming Milan , our works:

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